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Frequently asked questions

Can I have children after donating?

Donating eggs does not affect in any way fertility and future motherhood, which depends on many other factors. While a woman is fertile, she only uses around 0.1% of all her eggs. The remainder are lost in each cycle. These eggs may be used for donation.

Is it a painful process? What side effects does it have?

Donating eggs is not painful. Egg collection involves sedation. In some cases slight abdominal distension may occur due to ovarian stimulation as well as discomfort arising from egg collection. They are, however, slight and disappear spontaneously after treatment.

How many times will I have to go to the doctor?

For the donor’s convenience, the number of visits to the doctor will be limited to as few as possible: an estimated 4 or 5 visits, including preliminary visits and check-ups, plus the day of egg collection and the last check-up after the first menstruation.

How many donation cycles can be performed?

According to Spanish Law, a woman can donate eggs provided that she wishes to, or until 6 births have been acheived with her eggs.

Will I have to pay for the preliminary tests?

Not at all. All expenses arising from analyses, visits and tests, medication and egg collection are payable by the centre. Bear in mind that Law 14/2006 and RD 1301/2006 contemplate economic compensation payable to the donor to help cover expenses and possible inconvenience arising from donation, such as visits, check-ups, travel, time off work, etc.

Can I choose the time to make the donation?

Yes. The donor may choose the period that suits her best.

Can I have sexual relations?

Sexual relations should be avoided during the stimulation period and until the menstruation after the extraction of eggs, as there is a risk both of unwanted pregnancy and of complications such as abdominal pain. Normal sexual activity can be resumed after the first menstruation.

Can I donate eggs if I am taking contraceptives?

Yes, although you will have to stop taking oral contraceptives during the donation process. Once treatment is complete and after menstruation, they may be taken again without a problem. If the donor is fitted with an IUD, it need not be removed.