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Do you wish to donate your eggs?

Egg donation is an act of generosity with which a woman may help others fulfil their wish to become mothers.

There are many women who cannot achieve pregnancy by natural means for several reasons:

  • Problems in the ovaries: this could be because the woman has lost her ovaries, they have aged prematurely or the eggs she produces are not of the necessary quality.
  • Women who are carriers of a chromosomal abnormality
  • Cases in which there has been an absence of ovarian stimulation or recurrent implantation failures in previous in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycles.

The donation of eggs is governed by Law 14/2006 of 26 May on Assisted Human Reproduction techniques and by Royal Decree 1301/2006, which establishes that the donation of gametes in Spain is voluntary, anonymous and altruistic.

This decree also contemplates economic compensation payable to the donor to help cover expenses and possible inconvenience arising from donation, such as visits, check-ups, travel, time off work

Donation is anonymous and under no circumstances may the recipient patient discover the identity of the donor or viceversa. This information is kept confidentially by the centre.

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